Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Detective Aberline is practical, down to earth, and not about to put up with any nonsense. He takes a methodical approach to his investigation of the murders on the moors, and seeks detailed information to help solve the crimes. He has chosen a time-honored profession, which allows him to maintain a routine, gives him a sense of unity with past constables, and grants him access to information on past cases. Aberline is most comfortable dealing in established facts, and has an easy knack for recalling information he has read. Until the Wolfman appears in front of him, Aberline takes a suspicious view of the gypsy rumors floating around town. In time, he starts to trust his instincts more and have greater faith in the unknown, as well as open up his mind to supernatural possibilities. He searches for practical information and proven realities, rather than engaging in obscure theorizing. Aberline believes what he sees with his own eyes, and then takes immediate action to correct it, control his environment, and minimize the damage. He has no problem issuing orders and maintaining order among his men. His ideas are all rational, even if they are somewhat shocking to the villagers (his decision to wait in the pub, since the town is the most likely target for the beast given all the people gathered thereabout). His emotions never surface, but instead he keeps things professional. He has a genuine interest in ensuring the safety of the townspeople and in warning Gwen to be careful. Aberline takes great pride in his work and refuses to budge on things he believes are important.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Aberline is principled, moralistic, and ruthlessly logical – when someone asks him why he isn’t running around in the woods to catch the creature, he says because the “food source” for the monster is all within fifty yards of the tavern, so he intends to stay here and wait (ie, people). He operates off his gut instincts and firmly tries to convince Gwen to give up Lawrence, believing him to be a danger to her and everyone else (having seen him transform and kill people with his own eyes, he now believes Lawrence needs to die, as a menace to society). He seems cold in that way, but he’s doing what is “best” for society.