Gwen holds onto the things that are of lasting value in life – love, family, and even her father’s business in town. When presented with new information and incredible theories about curses, Gwen reads everything she can find about werewolves to supplement her knowledge. She places faith in the traditions of old when it comes to handling these things, and is willing to do what she must, and what has worked in the past, in order to “save” Lawrence. Her prolonged stay at Talbot Hall shows a willingness to participate in family rituals and adhere her lifestyle to theirs. She finds familiarity comforting even if it highlights her recent loss. She feels disconcerted by being around Mr. Talbot, both because she notices his subtle attraction to her and because she finds him “difficult to read” emotionally; she seeks to build connections emotionally, and easily responds to the conflict and tension in the household with unease and concern. Gwen is as encouraging and supportive of the others as she can be, but tends to withhold her emotions until she is certain of theirs. Her desire to understand werewolves contributes to her intense research, as well as her seeking out of knowledgeable human sources of information. Gwen wants to know the truth behind what happened to her fiancé, even though it is unpleasant; she primarily wants to use this information to help others. She is able to put aside her emotions, though it hurts her, and do what she must for the greater good, by taking a rational solution to the problem. Though not an adventurous person, Gwen senses there is much more happening behind the scenes between the Talbots than is evident. She is suspicious of the circumstances of her fiancé’s death, and open minded enough to seek out alternate theories and possibilities as to how to deal with Lawrence’s condition.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Gwen sincerely wants to help Lawrence—she patiently nurses him through his entire month-long illness, and does not want to leave the house until he begs her to do so, out of a sense that she is not safe if she stays there. When he finds her in London after being thrown in a mental asylum for another month, she protects and lies for him to the cops. She goes out of her way to find out everything she can about his illness in an attempt to do something about it, out of an idealistic notion that she can “save” him (and she does, just not how she planned). She quickly falls in love with him, and hates any kind of conflict, either between him and his father or that involves herself. Gwen tries to do the right thing, always.