Fei Fei is idealistic and naïve and somewhat rejecting of the sensory world, in how she clings to her fantasies and dreams about the goddess in the moon and the concept of true love existing after death, rather than being willing to accept that you have to move on over time. She also gathers ideas from outside herself, such as when the little creature she meets on the moon points out that even though she finds the little boy annoying, she “stole” (borrowed) the leapfrog idea from him, among other things. It takes having her teacher confiscate her drawing and put it on the wall next to an advertisement for the new train for her to connect the dots and see how she can make her rocket ship fly. But these ideas are all in the service of her feelings about her mother, and heavily tied to a militant determination to avoid change in her life at all costs. “I just want things to go back to how they were,” she says more than once. She seems to be stuck in the past, in her childhood, and in happier times with her mother, and the idea of any upset, of adding new people into the house, or of replacing any of her memories, cause a violent reaction in her of rejection. It takes a trip to the moon for her to open up her Ne and be able to see that she can create new memories, and embrace new love in her life, without forgetting her mom. Her entire existence is about her own deep attachment to her mother and her unwillingness to move on from her loss. As a child, when her father asks her if she wants to hear “the scientific explanation” for the moon, she shakes her head and tells him she likes her mother’s stories about the goddess in the moon better instead. When her father brings a new woman into her life four years after her mothers’ loss, Fei Fei rejects her (“I don’t want this, and I don’t want you”) in favor of holding onto her inner emotional experience. She thinks that if she can “prove” the goddess exists to her father, he will see how true love is everlasting and deep, and how he should, like the goddess, hold on to his lost love forever. When he asks her if she ever gets lonely, she says no, and assumes he is the same. Though she struggles with her rocket ship, eventually she manages to build it, and sets off on a quest to “prove” that a deity exists.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Fei Fei has extremely magical thinking — she would rather believe a fantasy than the reality others peddle about the moon. Rather than accept that her father intends to marry again, she chooses to believe that she can convince him to cling to a previous love by building a rocket ship, visiting the moon, and bringing back proof of a goddess’ survival. She has total confidence in herself that she can do this, and manages to pull it off. Once on the moon, she is excited about it and enthusiastic, eagerly throwing herself into an adventure and using her wits to survive. She is frustrated at the thought that others might slow her down, so she often excludes them. Her 6 wing does not like change, is fearful of letting go of her current family dynamic, and wants to cling to the past.

Note: I would say her “little brother” is an ENTP 7w6; he is clearly operating off intuitive-ideas about time, space, and reality, and is eager to engage. The mood goddess is a 3w2 and possibly an ENFP. She is experiencing an emotional loss and clinging to her past, but is clearly driven by the desire for stimulation and exhibitionism and incredibly vague when speaking about what she wants and needs in order to bring her lost lover back.