Erin knows case law like the back of her hand, and is very “by the book” in her treatment of perps and cases. She often conflicts with her brother Danny because of his haphazard and sometimes inadmissible methods of gaining evidence. She has a strong sense of what lasts (her family, her work ethic, her relationships) and what does not, and is careful to guard her reputation against anything that might threaten her sense of stability (she doesn’t “sleep with or date my boss”). Her divorce has made her somewhat cautious of men and jaded about them, so she doesn’t easily go out with guys. Erin sometimes has good instincts and knows when something is wrong (such as when someone has moved stuff around in her apartment; small things…) but she was not perceptive at all when she was young – the idea that her father and brother stalked her on all her dates just to keep her safe and ran background checks on her partners causes her to back off doing the same to her daughter Nicky. She is principled and logical, often pointing out that Danny’s mistakes make it harder for her to get convictions. She will make deals if she must but if she has a solid case against someone, would rather nail them for as much as she can get. The only time she changes her mind about this, and “deals down” to get small drug dealers rather than big ones is when she needs a man arrested and off the street, so he can get another man on tape and expose a slander campaign against the police department. Erin has a strong need to close her cases, and feels morally responsible if she loses and the perp gets back out on the street. She can take her failures and mistakes hard, but also has a strong sense of ethics. She fiercely defends her opinions at the dinner table, and disapproves of under-handed tactics. No amount of arguments from her daughter will change her strong opinions; she has to reach a point of self-referencing (“the same thing happened to me, and I hate it”) to back off at times.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Erin is highly moralistic and something of a “stick in the mud” according to Danny, because she’s such a stickler for the rules. She and he butt heads almost constantly, and sometimes she also gets on her father’s case for being “stubborn” and uncompromising. She reacts to things on a gut level and judges them as bad or good, but also can give people the benefit of the doubt. She is hard-working, principled, and often shows no fear, even when it would be prudent for her to do so. She holds herself to strict rules of behavior, including not dating her boss (which would look bad for her, and possibly undermine her cases) and keeping men she’s not sure about at a distance, especially if she learns they’re under any kind of investigation. She is also able to forgive and forget, but it takes her some time to get over her anger at Danny when he inadvertently exposes her daughter to a dead body.