Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Jamie comes from multiple generations of cops, but chose at first to become a lawyer. Then midway through his training, he decided to become a cop instead, completely changing his work-focus and throwing his fiancé for a loop. He remains open-minded and “okay” with her reaction to it, which was one of confusion, and says that he doesn’t blame her for letting him go, because he promised her one life only to choose another one. He is incredibly private about his feelings and not as quick to voice his opinions at the dinner table as his siblings. He manages to work undercover for a long time without blowing his cover, but also shows a silent judgment for any behaviors he deems wrong or irresponsible. It’s not in his nature to pre-judge people, so his partner has to teach him how to “read” other people and interpret their behavior in standardized “cop ways.” Jamie acts on what he believes is right, not always taking into consideration the consequences, and at other times, thinking about the logical and legal repercussions of them – at one point admitting that he didn’t draw his weapon in an intense situation because his brother was under investigation for firing his service weapon, and he feared the backlash for them both. He is somewhat foolish in his decision to keep the truth of his brother’s death from his brother and father, leading to his own near-death in a car crash when someone cuts his breaks to get rid of him. He is both cautious and a risk-taker, eagerly undertaking undercover work and enjoying working “the beat” that he resists putting himself up for promotions in order to climb up the ranks. Jamie is quick-thinking and quick reacting, and has good cop instincts. In a potential kidnapping situation, he puts two and two together while walking home and rushes back to the woman’s side to rescue her from another attempt, then accurately perceives that her “best friend” was behind it. He often has insights into people and hunches where his partner is too quick to dismiss things (believing a woman who says someone is coming into her apartment and rearranging her furniture). Jamie turns down an invitation to investigate his brother’s death as part of a secret organization, but then undertakes it himself.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Jamie has strong opinion about what people should and should not do, and doesn’t hesitate to voice them or tell people off at work who break the rules. He tells one female cop that she shouldn’t have to put up with sexual harassment from her boss. He can also be somewhat judgmental of his brother’s bad behaviors (reacting against his 8 tendency to break the rules—and sometimes, heads—to get things done). He’s hard-working, principled, and hard on himself for his mistakes, but also shows a lot of 9 tendencies. Jamie has a generous nature and is always trying to help his partner and look out for him, even when the man gets into trouble for his gambling debts. He can be innocent and naïve as a rookie cop, because he doesn’t look at people in a sinister manner or expect them to have ulterior motives. He has to be taught to think otherwise, and to look for what MIGHT be going on with someone’s strange behavior, rather than what is. While staking out a park bench to catch purse snatchers, he tells his current partner that she ought to give people the benefit of the doubt and that “most of them will do the right thing.” He tries to help people whenever possible.