At one point in his brother Jaime’s training, Jaime tells him, “Think about what your brother would do, and then do the opposite.” It’s true, Danny is incredibly physically present and hands-on in all of his cases, willing to chase bad guys down dark alleys and dunk a kidnapper’s head in a toilet for information about a missing kid. He has on many occasions gotten into trouble within the department for putting himself at risk to close a case, such as when he volunteers as a hostage in exchange for civilians in a bank holdup, then tackles and pins the man down rather than let him get shot in the head by a sniper. He’s so into his job, he often neglects his home life, since he has to see a case through to the very end, even if it means skipping out on seeing a play or having dinner with his wife. Danny is quick to leap on cases, taking them on even if they aren’t on his roster. He also on occasion listens to his “hunches” and “instincts” about people—claiming that this person must be lying because something feels off, and having his suspicions about who really murdered two people (rather than what the evidence suggested, which pointed to someone else). But he doesn’t put much thought into his future prospects beyond the department, and sometimes acts so much in the moment, he winds up censored and before Internal Investigations. Unlike his first partner, Danny has a fluid sense of moral boundaries and is willing to do whatever is necessary to close a case or find a lost or kidnapped girl, including tactics that could undermine the perp going to jail (threats, blackmail, dunking heads in toilets, playing “bad cop” hard and pointing his weapon at them). He frequently clashes with his “by the book” sister over the cases he brings her, but can usually find some evidence or a work-around to nail someone even if his own evidence is inadmissible. He is often baffled when his actions upset his wife, since he isn’t fully aware of just how much some things mean to her, but he’s also quick to apologize and make good. Danny is easily swayed by other people and their feelings, especially if he is close to them. He’s eager to help, but also quick to assert his true feelings to trusted family members. He isn’t quite sure what to do with his more tender emotions, so they manifest in him losing his temper.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Danny is angling for dominance in every situation he finds himself in, and isn’t afraid to escalate the situation to get the outcome he is searching for — sometimes going over the legal lines in the process. He dunks people’s heads in toilet, points guns at them, screams at them, plays Bad Cop in the interrogation room. He often loses his temper and escalates when his family’s safety is involved and/or when a child has gone missing. His sister refers to him as a loose cannon, because she can never predict how he will control a situation. He is also prone to workaholic behaviors, going back to work overtimes on weekends since he’s obsessed with closing a case. His 9 wing, however, doesn’t like his sister or his wife to be mad at him, and tries to smooth things over with them whenever problems arise in their relationships. He can be quarrelsome at the family dinner table, but is also quick to apologize.