Roland baffles Maud with his grand intuitive leaps – but he’s often right; he theorizes based on miniscule evidence that Randalph and Christabel must have had an affair and sets out to prove it; he enjoys adding every piece of evidence onto his hunch and seeing where it leads – he doesn’t care what twists and turns it takes, only for the adventure of discovery. He has a witty, wry sense of humor and often makes quips, as he dissects the people around him and their motives. His reasoning is all rational, about his conclusions (they simply make sense to him, as well as being the only option) and other people (“You tell them about this, and the next time you see these is under glass in New Mexico!”). He can be blunt and opinionated, and not always understanding of other’s emotional states; but he also bases his reasoning on social morality (he consults a lawyer for “seven minutes” about his legal state after stealing documents from the London Library; he admits that he refuses to fall in love easily these days since “in the past, I have hurt people”); he’s frank about his feelings – his happiness at discovery, him not wanting to screw up his budding romance with Maud, etc. He remembers a few facts and details along the way, but leaves most of that to Maud (inferior Si).

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Roland is curious about everything and wants it to make sense to him in a rational way, so he asks questions that challenge the establishment and is excited to discover things that overturn what people think they know about these two great poets. He is cautious but also curious, eager to explore and willing to take risks, but also afraid of making a mistake or damaging Maud by being too forward in his emotions. He has a cheerful, self-deprecating sense of humor and brushes off other people’s insults about Americans. Roland is respectful of his boss, and feels bad going behind his back to learn more about the ill-fated love affair; he’s willing, to an extent, to let his boss take the credit for the discovery, so long as he gets to find out what happened between the lovers.