Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Charlie has a strong drive as pertains to right and wrong — he often gets into it with his brother whenever his brother is high and being irresponsible and is deeply affronted when his brother sells his piano, takes the money, and moves his family away without him (“What am I supposed to do??”). Though a compassionate and kind man, Charlie really only forms a strong emotional bond with Hurley and Claire on the island. He puts most of his effort into protecting the latter and cares deeply for her opinion of him above the others. He can be self-absorbed — choosing to take her child to “protect and save” the baby without thought of how the others will react to him. Charlie is also irrationally jealous of Locke and his protectiveness of Claire after Charlie fails to prove himself trustworthy. He struggles with his drug addiction, and the secrets of his past life, in private. He enjoyed life on the road, moving from place to place, meeting new people, finding new digs, and made the most of his lifestyle as “a rock star” – he drank all the finest alcohols, slept with the most beautiful women, trashed the best hotel rooms. On the island, Charlie is willing to be hands-on in his environment. He often puts his life at risk for the others. He adapts easily to new situations as they arise and tends toward impulsive reactions in the moment. Lack of foresight is the bane of Charlie’s existence; he becomes a drug addict without considering the future consequences for his career or his health. He makes a lot of decisions about and for Claire that suit him in the present, or that he intends to benefit him in the future, only to have them backfire and cause her to mistrust him. Fear of what he knows is coming – his own detox – preoccupies him, making him obsessed with that inevitable, painful future. As time goes on, he starts to have dreams/visions about what is coming, in which his Ni translates his premonitions into abstract symbols of Claire and his mother as angels, a dove coming to warn him, and the baby floating in his piano out to sea or being set adrift in his cradle. Charlie often acts without thought and can become too decisive, blunt and not socially aware enough under stress, which causes him to fall out with the other survivors.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sx

Charlie was the more responsible and family-driven member of Driveshaft, always looking after his brother and being accountable for their poor decisions, to the point where he refused to let his brother go even when he was damaging to their brand. He seems to be constantly seeking affirmation from people and trying to find his place in the group, but also set himself apart a little, in his continual references to being in a band. He was a loyal band member and, at first, more cautious than his friends, but soon fell into drugs. But Charlie also wants to submit to a higher authority, so he confesses to his priest often. He likes Claire, so he self-appoints himself as her protector. He becomes fearful and reactive under stress, shifting into intense questioning, doubting of other people and their motives, shame about his inability to remember things, and seeking a place to belong. He looks for ways to make people like him, but his possessive side can be a turnoff, causing Claire to pull away from him, once she feels she can no longer trust him. Charlie’s 7 wing is all about living life large and having a good time, and he uses his popularity and celebrity to get himself into trouble—over-indulging in drugs, sex, and the rock and roll lifestyle. He’s good-natured, optimistic, and sometimes arrogant, reminding people of being in a famous band and reacting negatively if they have never heard of him.