Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Claire is independent and does things her own way. She was defensive when her aunt insinuated she did not “care enough” about her mother, and again when the policeman implied the car accident was her fault. Claire judges others based on their moral behaviors and will share these thoughts with other people, such as when she makes suggestions to Jack about who might be hiding things from them. She doesn’t think anyone should die without a proper funeral, so she insists on reading out what she knows about each person when they burn their bodies. She can be stubborn and irrational, such as in her desperate attempt to prevent herself from giving birth – she thinks sheer force of will and a refusal to give in to the contractions will keep the child inside her. Whatever Claire decides, she stands firm on and does not budge. She acts frequently on her emotions (deciding to keep her child, walking away from Jack when he doesn’t believe her, pushing Charlie out of her life due to his drug addiction). Claire often states the obvious in a situation and then lets her imagination carry her forward (“that’s an empty jar, not peanut butter”). She reacts in the moment and is opportunistic, both in how she decides to put her child up for adoption and how she kicks out Charlie once she finds out he has kept a statue full of weed. Claire does not hesitate to change her approach or her mind, allowing Charlie to convince her to move into the caves and then wanting to move away again once she has nightmares. Claire loops into Ni a great deal. She alone believes her bad dreams mean someone is coming for her child. Jack doesn’t believe it, but she does—and she’s right, it proves true. She knows the psychic who urged her to get on the plane foresaw this and “intended for this to happen.” She becomes easily convinced of negative outcomes and finds it hard to consider any other possibility. Late in the series, she falls into Te grip behaviors in her ruthless attempts to recover her child.

Enneagram:  6w7 sp/so

Claire has a lot of self-doubt and anxiety to work through, before she can become a parent – she’s so fearful of it, she tries NOT to give birth on the island by not pushing when it comes time to deliver her child. She is both distrustful and suspicious at times of other people’s motives and their intent to steal her child, and trusting and desirous of finding someone else to share her burdens with – she falls for Charlie and welcomes him into her life as her protector, but then becomes fearful of him and his erratic drug behaviors, so she pushes him away. Desperate to find something outside herself to believe in, Claire seeks to know her future and wants to hear what the physic saw when he “looked” into it. She believes in Astrology and has an instinctual ability to read other people. But she is also shying away from settling down and being responsible at first, not wanting to have a child and raise it on her own once her lame boyfriend dumps her. She has a good sense of humor and is sweet, gentle, and kind, as she makes others like her.