Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Jin has a strong attachment to the traditions of his homeland, and a very specific idea of “how things are done” that stem from his upbringing. Initially, he balks at his wife learning new things and departing from their former lifestyle once they reach the island. He tends to trust his own experiences when making decisions and holds onto grudges toward those who slight or challenge him. Jin takes a job that requires consistency and attentiveness to details. Concern for the unknown future makes Jin careful in everything he does, and he initially balks at embracing a new lifestyle or in learning another language. But with time and the ability to think through these things, Jin becomes more open to new philosophies, belief systems, and ways of doing things. He measures success according to tangible things, and puts all his efforts toward impacting reality in some way, including assisting in building the raft (so they can get off the island). In his former job, Jin was often able to put aside his personal feelings and do the logical thing, both to make an impression and keep his boss happy and to save others from worse punishment. He can be somewhat rigid in his opinions.When asked to murder someone, Jin refuses and gives him a beating instead – because it goes against his deep moral convictions. His emotions are subjective, and his affections only directed toward a few people he cares about. Jin can shut others out and not allow their feelings to influence him, which makes him perceived as colder than he actually is. But he can also be stubborn and even turns his back on his wife for awhile, to punish her for lying to him.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Jin’s entire focus is on maintaining his “honor” and that of his wife, which can make him a bit of a hard-ass sometimes. He doesn’t approve of her wearing midriff-bearing clothing or a bikini on the beach, and tells her to button up her sweater. He’s angry a lot of the time, and barely containing it; Sun says to Michael that her husband has “a bad temper.” He held himself to high standards at work, and was hard on himself whenever he did anything unethical to keep his father-in-law happy. When he sees Michael wearing his watch, Jin assumes he stole it and attacks him to get it back. He can be stubborn and defensive, and it takes him awhile to get over his anger at his wife not telling him he spoke English. But over time, he starts to ease more in his rigidity and learns to communicate with the others, to share with them, and to have more fun.