Sun uses her extensive knowledge of plants to make herself useful on the island. She does everything from figure out how to make toothpaste to finding herbs and cures for asthma and headaches. She is somewhat traditional in respect of her obedience to her husband even when their marriage is on the rocks. Sun takes things often at face value, not fully understanding what Jin has to do for his job and assuming he has become corrupt. She filled her days with casual activities, shopping and raising her pup, while her husband worked. Sun on the island finds ways to be useful to others, including making toothbrushes and using her knowledge of plants and trees for medicine. She plants and carefully tends a garden in the expectation that they may still be on the island later to harvest it, and if so, they will be glad of its benefits. Sun is somewhat skeptical of things she cannot prove, but also on occasion has intuitive insights into other people and will point them out to Locke or Jack. Sun, upon hearing that her father might disapprove of her relationship with Jin, replies this is between her and Jin, and does not involve her father… but she will frequently compromise for the greater good of her relationships. She denies that she speaks English to maintain harmony with her husband and finds it difficult to go against him. (She chafes at him not wanting her to wear a bikini on the beach and tries to persuade him to see it her way: it’s hot, and everyone else is wearing one.) Sun thinks in terms of what is best for all in how she plants and tends her garden. She easily confides in Kate and others. She becomes increasingly more ruthless when she returns to the real world, including undergoing a takeover of her father’s business.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

“My husband has a bad temper,” is her response when Michael demands to know why she didn’t tell him she could speak English sooner. Everything she does is in avoidance of conflict or emotional upset, even though at times it goes against her desire to be genuine to herself (and wear a bikini on the beach, which her husband doesn’t approve of). Sun was going to sneak off and leave her marriage without a word, rather than face a messy and upsetting conflict, disagreement, and divorce. She often begs her husband and other people to stop fighting. She remains mostly by herself, and has a peaceful, quiet presence that others respond to, but she wants to do the right thing. She can be passive and over-accommodating, politely doing as her husband asks much of the time, until she learns to create her own space for herself and make her own choices.