Boone often berates Shannon for being selfish, or only thinking about her own best interests, and points out that she is “worthless” from a Fe perspective in that she is in no way contributing to the collective whole stranded on the island. He spends much of his time helping, comforting, and working with other people for the betterment of everyone. Boone can be emotional and easily engaged in the problems of others. He feels uncomfortable keeping secrets or manipulating other people, and wants to give others the benefit of the doubt. He tends to air his feelings easily when he gets riled up, but is devastated to think he has hurt anyone. Disloyalty to family is impossible for him to comprehend. He has faith that history repeats itself; he can predict his sister’s behavior patterns based on what he has observed of her over the years. He often expresses this in verbal expectations (“She always picks the wrong person…” “You never think about anyone but yourself, Shannon…” “Do you know how many guys I’ve had to pay off to leave my sister alone?”) He likes to be shown how to do things before diving into them, and is eager to actually get physically involved in things. Boone approaches the supernatural with skepticism, and looks for proof and evidence before reaching conclusions. He is dutiful and was a successful businessman in his former life. Boone detail-gathers so that he can form a “big picture” of the people around him and their patterns of behavior. He is open to sharing ideas on how to get off the island, and curious about supernatural events even if he is doubtful of them at first. But he sneers at most of Locke’s inner musing on the island as a mystical force. Boone asks many questions about Locke, the island, boar hunting, etc, in an attempt to gain a greater understanding of their situation and the people around him, but it is all under the drive of learning and contributing to the greater whole.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Boone is cautious and skeptical, but also wants other people to like him, so he uses generosity and a willingness to work with them to appeal to them on a protective level. He sees Locke as the most capable person among their numbers, so he befriends him and becomes useful to him, to the extent that he allows himself to do things that are against his better judgment (such as climbing up into the plane, to solve one of Locke’s “mysteries about the island”) – resulting in his own eventual death. He both becomes annoyed at Locke because of “wasting their time” staring at the hatch, and continues to show up every day to help him try and figure out how to open it. Boone in this way is others-dependent. He’s also protective of his sister, and flies halfway around the world to get her, just because he heard her distress on the phone. He can also be playful, reactive, and good-humored.