Shannon has a reputation for moving through relationships quickly; prior to reaching the island, she rarely stayed with any guy for more than a few months, causing her brother to come and bail her out on numerous occasions. She is easily bored without physical stimulation, and has expensive taste. She manipulated thousands of dollars out of her brother only to wind up strapped for cash again, implying she spends money as fast as she gets her hands on it. On the island, Shannon  spends a lot of her time on the beach, soaking up the sun and surf, but is also “up for” dangerous hikes and other high-energy projects. She is very impulsive. Eventually, Shannon starts having premonitions and a psychic connection to the island; she comes to believe in things she cannot explain, as well as believes in her vision of Walt in peril enough to go after him, risking her life in the process. But her main problem with guys was she could never tell their character, and fell into abusive dynamics as a result of her inability to foresee their character flaws. She is sensitive to criticism but also struggles to care about anyone other than herself. She makes primarily emotional decisions and frequently acts on her feelings (including her one night stand with Boone). Over time, Shannon sees the error of her ways and becomes the kinder, more compassionate girl she was meant to be. She never talks about her feelings with anyone, but instead processes them internally and works through them herself. Her bluntness is evident. Shannon is smarter than she gives herself credit for, and able to come up with workable plans (convincing her brother to “pay off her boyfriends” and then taking the money herself required a plan). She likes to have some control over her life and situation, and absolute refuses to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Enneagram: 7w6 sx/so

Shannon has no real interest in helping out anyone on the island once she gets there; she chooses instead to lie around, sunbathe, and wait for her brother to bring her things and do things for her. She used to have a string of lovers and often made poor choices in the men she hung out with, prompting her brother to pay them off to leave her alone. Shannon would either call on him to be ‘rescued’ or lie and reframe the situation to be ‘less bad’ than it actually was. She and Boone often conflicted over his pointing out what a ‘worthless’ human being she was (not providing anything for the group, partying all the time, and not seriously settling into a career) and her need to be on the go and entertained most of the time. She can be confrontational, unapologetic in going after what she wants, and hedonistic, even mocking her (step)brother for feeling guilt over their fling, but also needy, overly reliant on others for her survival, and full of self doubt.