Hugo is intensely emotional and kind, often going out of his way to do nice things for people, comfort them in small ways by doing things for them, and offering support – but Hurley is very disinclined to share his feelings about loss with others. When losing someone, such as Charlie, he’d rather process it on his own than talk about it. When he does fess up his emotions, they come in bursts that have been stored up for ages. He doesn’t really open up to people about the painful hurts in his past. His ideas usually have some connection to reality, and he intends to see them through. Hurley tries to show people he cares by buying things for them (after winning the lottery) or doing things for them (on the island, to cheer them up). On occasion he becomes blunt and assertive. He can take control of a situation, even though he prefers to let others lead. At times, the “facts” stump him from problem-solving (there is no solution!). Hugo tends to think beyond whatever moment he is in, to what is coming next. Hugo sees in an instant when he wins the lottery how his entire life and his relationship dynamics are about to change, and he isn’t sure that is what he wants, so he doesn’t turn in the ticket for 24 hours. He quits his job and urges his friend to make sure they stay the same with each other, without alluding to his big break. When Locke and Boone claim to be hunting for everyone, but never bring back any meat, Hugo becomes suspicious that they are up to something — and he is right. He figures out his father has paid a psychic to mislead him and convince him that his curse is not real. He often directs Jack intuitively to people who might be concealing things, without any evidence other than a hunch or what he has observed of them. Given control over a storage locker of food, Hurley starts seeing what will happen as a result of it — a disintegration of the islanders’ tendency to work together, back-stabbing, jealousy, and most of all, hatred of him as the person policing the food. Rather than let this happen, he gives all the food away immediately. Hurley has a strong sense that the numbers are cursed and bad, and always will be cursed and bad, based on his own (and other people’s) prior experiences as a result of them. He hates change.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Hugo is open-minded, tolerant, good-natured, and wants to think the best of people. He’s also passive and doesn’t self-motivate that well. He leaves a lot of the hunting and gathering of food to other people, and prefers to do more comfortable things instead, like look after the group, keep tabs on the pantry, etc. He hates conflict and arguments, and tries to pacify other people and get them to go along. The idea of everyone on the island hating him instead of loving him is so unbearable to him, he almost blows up the food storage so he doesn’t have to take the responsibility of policing the inventory. It takes him a long time to “get moving” on something, but once he decides to do it, he can be stubbornly resistant to other people trying to change his mind (such as when he wants to find out the source of the numbers, and meet the French woman).