Sawyer is an opportunist, who is afraid of nothing, sometimes downright reckless, and always good at coming up with a solution on the fly. Sawyer immediately sets out to make his stay on the island more pleasurable and profitable to himself. He is quick to rush in and intervene when necessary, breaking up fights (and starting them). He is an excellent shot, and enjoys doing things that give him an adrenaline rush or a thrill. His pursuit of physical pleasures on the mainland meant he burned through money (and women) very quickly. His ability to read other people and see what they most want or need helps him “con” them. Sawyer has an instinctive understanding of Kate right from the start. He obsessed over murdering the man who caused his parents’ deaths for years, viewing it from every possible angle until he could visualize and “execute” it. But he was so intent on doing this, he never stopped to wonder if he had found the right person, and thus killed the wrong man at the behest of his crooked employer, who used him to “make a point.” He approaches situations with logic and awareness of what must be done; he has a detached worldview that rubs other people the wrong way or seems amoral (like shooting someone to put them out of their misery), but is actually logical. He is a natural problem solver, who doesn’t stop trying out different methods on a problem until he finds a solution. Though he puts on a gruff exterior and pretends he doesn’t care if people like him or not, Sawyer actually does care – a lot. He can be surprisingly tender, sensitive, and emotional when he lets down his guard. His decisions are made out of mercy in some instances (if you don’t kill him, he’ll suffer longer). When confronted with a kid whose parents will lose everything if Sawyer cheats them, he refuses to go through with the con. He can be temperamental, have an uncontrollable temper, and even whiny when under extreme stress. He’s not above venting his feelings if others care to listen.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Sawyer needlessly baits and provokes other people to gain the upper hand. Even under torture, he refuses to admit he is wrong, and he lied in order to be an agitator (he doesn’t have the inhalers); instead, he taunts his torturers and refuses to admit to his pain. Kate is right about him: he wants to be hated, so he acts in a hateful manner that will create boundaries between himself and others. He doesn’t like to be made to feel small, he is blunt about what needs to be done (like shooting a man to put him out of his misery) and proud of his selfish behaviors. He used to run a long con where he would sleep with women and manipulate them and their husbands into giving him money, without ever becoming emotionally involved. He often points out that others cannot or will not do what is necessary; but Sawyer can and will. He is almost constantly involved in a power struggle with Jack, because he refuses to think about what is best for everyone (being a social-blind). His 7 wing cannot deal with him being the cause of an innocent man’s death, so he distracts himself by hording resources, chasing after Kate, and fulfilling his desires.