Jack always has a plan. He steps up immediately after the crash and takes charge of the situation. He becomes the unofficial “leader” of the group for awhile, and the man everyone goes to for solutions to problems. He organizes searches, assigns tasks to other survivors, and prefers to approach each situation with logic and objectivity. Jack’s emphasis on total logic makes it hard for him to accept the mystical properties and aspects of the island, and also makes others think of him as cold at times for the choices he makes that protect them all. Dealing in emotions is Jack’s weakest point; he frequently is unable to handle the intensity of his feelings, which leads him to either cry our lash out at other people. He can be stubborn and defiant, in his refusal to remember his past life or to be reconciled to it. He takes his position of leadership so seriously that he conflicts with anyone who doesn’t see it his way. It’s hard for him to open up and talk about his feelings. Jack is an expert medical practitioner who took the job in the first place to have hands-on contact with helping people out of traumatic experiences. He is quick to take control on the island and uses his great fountain of medical expertise to everyone’s advantage, adapting it where he needs to, but also sometimes miscalculating situations and too easily believing what other people tell him about Sawyer (people plant doubts and suspicions in his mind that already reinforce his own feelings about certain individuals, causing him to operate off the assumption he is right, only to find out he is wrong later). His adept medical knowledge helps him to make educated guesses that turn out accurate, however, when he speculates Ben Linus is dying, and intends to have Jack operate to save his life (and he reasons that Ben will not let them go, after the operation). He painstakingly takes care of the daily needs of the people around him, focusing on not only tending to their injuries, but figuring out food and shelter for everyone.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Jack has a rigid sense of right and wrong and turned in his own father for being drunk on the job, leading to him being suspended from medical duties. Though he doesn’t want to go to Australia to find him, he gets on a plane and does it, then tries to bring his body back home for burial. His gut-instinct of what to do can threaten and intimidate other people on the island, since he has such a forceful, almost militant, opinion of what the “right” thing to do is. This includes at times torturing people for supplies or information, since he reasons that doing so for the greater good is necessary and appropriate. He is aggressive in his helping of other people, shepherding them, and taking them under his wing, but when he isn’t upset (and he’s often on the verge of losing his temper), he can be compassionate, outreaching, and sympathetic through his 2 wing. He is very hard on himself if he makes a mistake, but also hard on others who make them.