Kate finds it hard to stay in the same place for very long. Before coming to the island, she got a thrill out of manipulating a gang to rob a bank so she could steal something out of a safety deposit box. Whenever anyone mounts a dangerous adventure of any kind, Kate is right on top of it, begging to go. She’s forever doing things – seeing opportunities for action around her, and taking them (leading others on hikes to explore, map out the island, volunteering to set off rockets, running off to save Jack from a cave-in, climbing out the bars of her cage, etc). She is restless, easily bored, and constantly seeking external stimulation. She can also be very impulsive, both in her decisions and her romantic entanglements. Kate is primarily an emotional decision maker, often supporting and soothing others in their emotional distress and refusing to leave them behind even if it would be advantageous to save herself and/or come back for them later once she has found help. Kate doesn’t feel right about lying to her husband about her identity, so she confesses what she did to him. She often makes moral judgments about other people, but does little to attempt to change them. Kate is often in tears and will abandon one plan of action for another if anyone needs help. She has a pragmatic way of problem solving; when she wants to get her mother out of an abusive marriage and get rid of her father at the same time, she arranges for him to be inside the house she blows up for the insurance money, after buying an insurance policy in his name. The mysticism of the island doesn’t much appeal to her, but Kate has surprising insights into the people around her; she quickly figures out Sawyer’s main motivations and sees greater potential in him than he believes he is capable of. Kate figures out what she wants and pursues it with narrow-minded determination until she gets it, but her big picture thinking is very poor. She arranges a bank heist (and seduces a man into helping her with it) as a cover to get into a bank box since her name isn’t on the permission roster. To avoid being caught by the police, she crashes the car she is driving in, but then saves the man who was turning her in.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Kate is warm and approachable, but also full of secrets. She feels a need to be part of a larger group than just herself, and becomes reliant on Jack and Sawyer’s assistance once on the island. She thinks ahead a lot, and tries to figure out ways to keep herself out of trouble and avoid potential consequences (negatively anticipating what will happen when they are rescued, and her criminal behavior comes to light). She often rushes into things headlong, rather than wait and think them through—such as when she blows up her mother’s husband for the insurance money (really, it’s out of contempt that she shares his DNA), or the numerous times she impulsively leaps into action to save her friends from peril. She is somewhat distrustful of others, and even keeps her money in a tin hidden in the back of the pantry when a nice man gives her a job. Kate also has a serious inability to handle anything hard—the minute it gets rough, or too emotional, she flat out runs away. Literally. She has one foot out the door in almost every situation she finds herself in, both romantically and otherwise. She doesn’t want to face the painful consequences of her decisions or stick around and deal with the tough stuff in her past. Kate would rather just pull up stakes and move on.