Dash shows a desire to “use” what he knows more than to question it, both in his work as a successful doctor and in his discovery of his own magical abilities. Though baffled and unable to figure out what is happening to him after he attacks his brother for breaking up him and Freya, Dash does not question or speculate on his magical abilities so much as he uses them to his own advantage. He pays off and then kills a blackmailer, tries to use the family spell book to protect Killian and him without reading the details fully (causing his brother’s near death), and protects and defends “his own” … at the cost of his emotional relationships. He has a sense of moral balance — given the choice of killing a boy he healed of cancer by bringing him back to life, or dying himself, Dash gives the death curse to a murderer in the hospital instead. He is warm to those he cares about, and bonds to Ingrid through their shared traumas, but his bitter wrathful side comes out with Freya’s betrayal, where he coldly shuts her and her entire family out of his circle of influence. Only when Ingrid offers to help him control his abilities does he open up and fall in love with her. He had a long-term estrangement from his brother, after Killian slept with his girlfriend, that lasted years without them speaking to each other. Past precedent weighs heavily on Dash, not only in terms of his job (he’s a good doctor because he knows so much about his field) but in terms of how he treats the people around him. Killian cheated with his girlfriend and broke them up once… and while Dash was willing to let bygones be bygones to please his mother, after it happens a second time he is no longer as forgiving. He is happy to have worked long, hard hours and learned medicine from the inside out, making him an exceptional doctor. He is reliable, detailed in his work, and wants to make a difference in a hands-on way. He also has a family orientation—he is willing to protect and defend them against their common enemies. He also has poor intuitive insight, no ability to foresee the consequences of his decisions (on impulse, he casts foolish spells that almost get them killed), and is never sure of anyone’s motivations, which means he does not trust easily.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Dash is hard-working and delighted by his own achievements. His brother accuses him, behind his back, of “collecting people” rather than really caring about them. Though he tries hard to be the “good son,” when no one is looking, Dash can be vindictive, petty, and manipulative. After his magic smashes his brother into the deck of his boat, Dash casts him off without checking to see if he’s alive or needs a hospital. He then pays off a blackmailer to keep it quiet, kills the man in a fit of rage, and buries his body in the woods. He doesn’t like that Freya made him look a fool, or that his brother turned him into one. He does, however, when he is in a healthy mental place, show compassion for his patients, a genuine desire to heal them, and a giving attitude. He wants to do good in the hospital and tries to use his magic to heal patience who need help.