Killian has spent most of his life as a wandering nomad, falling in and out of love, and doing whatever he feels like doing whenever the opportunity presents itself. He has had a variety of careers in his past lives, in his “soul mate” status with Freya. Often on the move and disinterested in staying in one place too long, he turns up on a whim in town and gets a job as a bartender to be near Freya, through an “inexplicable” sense that they belong together. He gives her an impasse, to marry his brother or join him on his boat and sail around the world (why stay in one place, when life has so much more to offer?). He quickly adapts to a new life using his magical abilities to read cards and win big at poker, without ever wondering where these newfound psychic talents came from or what it might mean for him. He has no plan for his life beyond this moment. His emotions rule the day. Whatever he feels, he acts on. If he loves someone, he wants to take full advantage of that fact, regardless of how it makes his brother feel (it just so happens that he keeps falling in love with Dash’s girlfriends). Killian is mostly concerned with what he is feeling, and doesn’t understand Freya’s need to be socially appropriate or deny what lies between them out of appearances’ sake. He has the Fi trait of valuing authenticity (“we love each other, and this feels right”) over allowing external standards to dictate their life choices. He has a loving and generous nature, is compassionate, in other ways thoughtful toward those people he cares about, but is not willing to stick around and wait forever on a woman who cannot make up her mind. He gives her a chance and then hits the road, until Fate draws them back into each other’s worlds again.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Killian is always looking for, and wanting to give, love, and he isn’t discriminating about where he finds it. He tries to earn Freya’s attention through getting a job where she works and always being available to help her. He tries to make amends to his brother, out of a desire to please his mother, even though Dash is cold toward him. He can be charming, persuasive, and appealing, but also highly sexual and lustful—making out with Freya at her own engagement party, because it feels right. He has fewer qualms than she does about whether or not this is “right’ and “appropriate,” owing to his 3 wing vs. her 1 wing. He has a great deal of self-confidence and willingness to work hard to get what he wants.