Freya is a warm and friendly bar-tender who easily gets people to like her and leave her tips. Once she learns about her magical abilities, she starts using them to mix drinks catered to the emotional needs of her customers–to give them the little boost of confidence or clarity they need to fix their relationship problems. She has a moralistic nature and does not want to give in to her irrational impulses, which demand she get involved with the brother of her fiance. Torn between Killian and Dash, she tries to suppress her sexual feelings for the former to remain faithful in body and mind to Dash, but also confides in her sister, Ingrid, about what she is feeling. She often wants to discuss whatever is happening to her, in order to get it off her chest. Freya can also be direct in setting boundaries with men and asking them to leave her alone or leave town. She is curious and asks hundreds of questions — about her father, their marriage, their life in Asgard, her brother and his friends, in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of others. Her mother says that while Ingrid is different each time she is reborn, Freya is the same kind of person — chasing love, helping others, and always falling into the same kind of lifestyle, showing that she has a subconscious memory about her previous lives and continues to choose what is familiar to her. She winds up bar-tending and using her magical abilities to make people drinks that will increase their love lives and solve their problems. Freya has a strong attachment to the idea of family. She asks her father to walk her down the aisle even though they have only been reunited a few days. She embraces her brother and wants to grow closer to him. When asked to decide whether Dash or Killian is her soul mate (and which of them might be her destruction), she chooses Dash… because she has known him the longest and is afraid of her feelings for Killian. Freya shows flits of intuition. She has prophetic dreams she does not fully understand, but that lead her to important discoveries in her life. But she trusts her instincts only up to a point.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sx

Freya, as her aunt says, has always made decisions with her heart rather than her head. To make a good potion, especially a love potion, you need to know what the other person “needs” most in their life and react to it, before they even know it is a need. And that is her talent. She can read people, react to their needs, and fill them before they are even aware of that hole in their life. Freya is always offering to help people, even those she dislikes. She will work late if it helps out her boss. She will let Killian work at the bar, if he needs the cash. She will help her sister with her grief if she needs it. But the bottom line is her own need to be needed, her deep attraction to love (she has always been involved in “love affairs” in her past lives), and her intense emotions. She is always looking for love and feeling drawn to other people out of a desire to fix them, but she is also fighting her determination to do what is right. To not cheat on her boyfriend, even if it’s what her heart wants to do. To remain “good” in the face of many wicked opportunities to take advantage of people. Freya wants to improve other people’s lives.