Ingrid is known as the “thinker” of the Beauchamps; she approaches most situations analytically, with an interest in understanding how things work. She’s skeptical of witchcraft at first and dismisses it as superstitious nonsense, until she learns the truth. Ingrid often asks why – why is this happening? Why are you doing this? But she also has a decidedly amoral streak, as she showed when she got involved with a cult leader who was making human sacrifices. Ingred fell into a low Fe group mentality, and put aside the immorality of it out of a sexual attraction to him. She has problems with her own emotions; Ingrid cannot decide who she loves the most, so she has no idea who will die. Under pressure, she becomes emotional, but she casually shares her muted feelings all along. She asks Freya if it’s all right if she “sees” Dash, then because Freya’s answer doesn’t appeal to her, ignores it and goes on to sleep with him (poor emotional awareness). She tends to shut people out or moralize at them if they cross her; Ingrid copes with her feelings mostly alone, yet can express her feelings easily. She is an avid bookworm who works in a library, and is eagerly interested in learning all kinds of different things. She has an instinctual ability for magic and gets the grasp of it quickly, but also has a general fearlessness about how she uses it. Rather than slow down and learn from her aunt and mother, Ingrid starts cracking open books and performing spells without reading all the fine print or knowing how they will turn out. She brings her aunt back to death, which means she will lose someone she cares about; when a brain aneurism takes him from her, she brings back his ghost and doesn’t show much concern, until her aunt moralizes at her, that he might get stuck in the land of the living with her. Forever. Ingrid trusts her instincts about whether they can trust other people and/or if this person is lying to them. She is impulsive and reactive, often only second-guessing herself when it is too late. Ingrid has firm ties to her past and to home; it takes her a long time to work up the courage to move out and form her own life (her sister even says “I thought I would leave home first”). She relies on all she has read to make her decisions, showing her reliance on what has worked in the past.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/sx

Ingrid deals with things from her head rather than her heart. She is forever telling Freya to calm down and think how the consequences of her choices might impact the people around her. She has stayed on the sidelines of life, buried in her books and in her role as a librarian, preferring that to interacting with people or dating men in the 20th century. She can also be somewhat out there in her insights and beliefs; instead of being afraid of a cult in the last century, she got drawn into it and fell in love with its leader. She never finished her dissertation (on a strange topic: witchcraft) in favor of continuing to endlessly build up her knowledge about it. Ingrid has too much self-confidence about her spell-work and immediately starts to play with magic, which causes her to resurrect her aunt and then lose the man she loves because the balance gets restored. Rather than let him go, she calls back his spirit to live as a ghost beside her for a time. Until she realizes that will give him a half-life, and convinces him to fade into the afterlife. She is sometimes not-careful enough, because she assumes she knows what she is doing, and falls into later anxieties about having done irreparable things or self-blaming behaviors. She will ask others for help. Ingrid is afraid her best friend might miscarry as a result of her unleashing a curse. She is afraid to lose her family. But she can also angrily protect them from harm.