Wendy is far more intuitive than her sister, and often acts as if her suspicions are “real” – since in her mind, she has an instinctual awareness of what is going on, who is trustworthy, and what they should do about it. She is right to question some people and propose solutions. Wendy is the “flighty” sister, who is always chasing new things, becoming involved with new people, or pursuing new ideas. She often urges her sister to look beyond the obvious and let go of her expectations; she has a casual attitude both toward life and its details (her sister says, “if I had only a few lives left, I’d keep track of them” when Wendy says she’s not sure how many more times she can resurrect from the dead). Since she catches on fast, she often assumes others can do the same and is not great at forewarning them of danger; but she relies on her instincts and gut feelings with people. She is better than her sister in keeping the big picture in focus. When her nephew comes back into her life, Wendy goes into a hardcore “reliving past experiences” inferior function mode, where she is suspicious and distrusting of him based on a single former betrayal. She does not believe he has changed, she sneers at her sister’s willingness to forgive him, and… guess what, she’s right. She is a problem solver, who believes any curse can be got around if you think long enough. She’s an innovative thinker, always ready to do whatever she has to, to make things right. She steals a butterfly and uses it to change someone’s memories, without thinking about the consequences (it’s a quick, easy, logical fix). Wendy doesn’t mind detaching from her feelings to do things (she’s willing to kill, manipulate, and deceive to get her way or protect those she cares about). She’s flirtatious, charming, and likable. She openly shares her feelings with her nieces and sisters. She does not believe in beating around the bush and gets straight to the point (you’re witches, your dad is upstairs, you have a brother). Wendy feels tremendous guilt over her role in a former death, and does not rest easy until she can apologize for it and find forgiveness. She often pushes her sister to tell her what she’s feeling.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

While Joanna urges her daughters to be careful with their magic, Wendy says “but it can also be fun…” and causes it to snow in the kitchen. She has creative, interesting ways of problem-solving and loves to teach her nieces how to do things. She finds “fun” ways to teach them magic, and has an optimistic view of their future lives. She can also be irresponsible, careless, refuse to take responsibility for her mistakes, and laugh off her errors in judgment. But the 6 side of her is also cautious, suspicious of people, ready to leap to conclusions about them (she often suspects someone is out to get them, and tells her sister to take threats more seriously), and paranoid. She does not trust strangers easily and whenever they are under threat, Wendy becomes protective and proactive in looking after her loved ones.