Jekyll is a brilliant scientist who managed to isolate a compound that would allow him to divide himself into two halves of a single whole—to isolate the “good and evil” in his nature into two individual versions of himself. Unfortunately for the world, Mr. Hyde, his psychopathic ESTP 8w7 sx/so alter ego, is stronger than him and often “takes over.” He joins the League out of a desire to be useful and repay humanity back for his criminal behaviors and the violence he has enacted on society, a sort of low Fe “payment system.” He has good instincts but is also fearful of giving in to his rage and being taken over by his alter-ego, so he tries to suppress that side of himself completely. He has his suspicions about Dorian, but Hyde tries to convince him they stem from “jealousy alone” and tell him to just “take what he wants.” Scarred by his own repeated evil deeds, he withdraws more and more from the team, in an endless cycle of self-defeating attitudes (I could not control it last time, I cannot control it this time… the outcome will always be the same, is tertiary Si thinking intended to keep him from risk-taking).

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Fear dominates his life. Fear of his dark nature. Fear he cannot control or trust himself. In many ways, his split nature is a visual representation of the self-doubt, self-questioning nature of the 6, which vacillates between “extremes,” is over-reactive, and desires to become part of something and contribute in some meaningful way, beneath the control of an authority figure, for its own peace of mind. Jekyll is too intimidated to approach Mina and make a romantic bid for her heart, because he thinks so little of himself. He faces constant apprehension about Hyde and questions his own motives all the time. But he also wants to contribute, to reach out, to form relationships, and to heal himself of this affliction. He is sweet and gentle but also apprehensive about what the future might hold. Rather than reach out and connect to others, Jekyll withdraws through his 5 wing, isolating himself, denying himself what he wants most, and trying to take up less space.