“M” has recruited a talented team of exceptional people from whom he can extract the DNA in order to make a team well-matched to all of them, who can handle them in a fight. He uses a legitimate cause to get them all on board, but it is really a cover for his more nefarious intentions. A long-term schemer, he decided whom to involve in the group and for what cause, then set about figuring out how to make it happen, including recruiting Dorian to act as his spy among them. When Allan challenges him about all of this, he scoffs at his attempts to stop him and claims that even if they succeed in killing him, “others will come” to replace me and “you cannot stop the future.” Though he schemes from the sidelines, “M” isn’t afraid to get bodily involved, often showing up at his own crime scenes, challenging others to fights, using the environment to protect himself, and even going hand to hand against Allan. He defeats his adversary before he attempts to escape with the suitcase full of their blood samples. Sawyer, however, shoots him before he can fully carry out his evil plan.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

He intends to shape the world to his particular vision and, as an unhealthy 8, does not care who gets hurt or killed in the process. He is willing to sacrifice many to get what he wants, and shows aggression, self-confidence, and resistance when confronted and/or whenever anyone tries to stop him. He often uses harsh tactics to attempt to break his rivals, including throwing Allan’s son’s death in his face and threatening to pick off his friends one by one. He disdains weakness in others and sees it as something to eradicate. “M” is capable of numbing himself to others’ pain and distress and fading into the background.