Skinner was such a genius at creating his own formulas that he managed to turn himself permanently invisible, but that’s okay with him since it allows him to slip in and out of people’s lives and homes unseen in a wonderfully immoral way. It never occurs to him that spying on people and invading their privacy might be the “wrong” thing to do, so long as it in some way benefits him in the long run. He risks his life on numerous occasions to creep up on people and listen in, preferring that to endless speculation about their motives. Though, he soon has a hunch that he cannot trust Dorian and when he follows it, he finds it to be true.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

He prefers to use wit to engage with other people, and has a childish playfulness about him that is somewhat appealing, but not enough to overcome his tendency for inappropriateness. He will talk about being naked in public, having wind up his nether regions, and make lewd remarks about people, before he puts on his makeup so that the others can see him. He is somewhat irresponsible but also wants to work for a greater collective good. Skinner would rather give in and do what Allan demands of him than challenge him, which makes him good-natured in his silliness.