Sawyer’s skill is his competency in infiltrating the enemy’s ranks and seizing opportunities as they arise, from going undercover to racing an automobile through a collapsing city to get to a central building and implode it to stop the meltdown of buildings. He doesn’t understand Allan’s “slower” approach to life, but is eager to get hands-on and learn things “in progress.” He is a good shot, but not as accurate as he could be because he’s in a rush to shower bullets on the enemy, rather than taking his time to focus on a single target. He quickly figures out how to make things go his way, but also has an affable mentality that appeals to the other members on his team. Sawyer manages to coax Allan into talking a little bit about his past, before the man walks out on him. But he is an eternal “wanderer” with no fixed idea of what he wants for his future self.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

He is a good-natured, fun-loving man with a joke for every occasion, who has never settled down, gotten married, started a family, or thought much about permanency anywhere. He’s curious about Allan and his adventures, since he would love to share in them and has big ideas about doing the same once he has helped them out of this mess. His optimism keeps the team going when it gets hard, even after they have lost people. But he isn’t afraid to gain the upper hand, shoot the bad guys, or position himself for dominance among the team members.