Dorian is a somewhat self-centered man who operates entirely off his feelings about other people—if he feels disdain for them, he shows it, if he likes them, he shows that, without regard for how others may respond to him in kind. He has a grandiose sense of self built into his narcissistic belief that the entire world should revolve around him and how much “above” the common man he is. He has built his life around experimentation, hedonism, and pleasure, and seeks opportunities to indulge his sensory appetites wherever he goes, from wanting the most splendid wines to his desire to bed Mina “one last time.” His portrait, as a result, shows decades of moral rot in his soul as a result of his unbridled desire to engage in everything and anything that catches his attention. But rather than come up with his own diabolical plan, he serves the evil schemes of someone else, and merely does the “foot work” in sneakily obtaining DNA samples from his fellow League members, so they can be cloned into an anti-League. This includes breaking a vial to cut Mina’s hand and stealing her blood without her noticing, among other things that he handles competently.

Enneagram: 4w3 sx/so

He knows he is different from other people and translates that into a sense of superiority with the other members of the League, because none of them are immortal in quite the same way he is. Unless someone shows him his portrait, why, he can live on forever, on a higher plain than most of his companions! He has turned his “affliction” into a sense of alienation from other people but at the same time, made it into a good thing. Why would he want to be as common, as pedestrian, as the rest of humanity, showing the natural snobbery of the 4’s need to over-individuate. He wants the finest life has to offer and assumes it should be his, because “I’m worth it.” And “I’m complicated.” (Meaning, “Better than all of you.”)