Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Mina always prefers to run tests and do extensive research on something before she speculates on it, the cost being that she does not suspect Dorian Grey’s tactics of distracting her and collecting DNA from them all until it is almost too late to stop him. She falls into a rut with him as she relives their former relationship and sinks back into it, because it seems so familiar to her, but she isn’t afraid to put aside any feelings she still has for him and defeat him by showing him his portrait (the only way that he can die) in order to defeat him. Mina can also work with Allan even though she finds him somewhat sexist in his remarks about “women” (in his experience with them) because she knows it’s for the greater good and is not true of herself. She has faith in her own self worth, is armed with the “gift” Dracula gave her (to protect herself and others), and uses it for the greater collective good.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sx

She is principled and hard-working, always put-together, and does not like others to see her mussed or behaving inappropriately. Her own vampiric nature is a source of embarrassment to her, but she also uses it to her advantage in dealing with criminals. Mina doesn’t like that Allan is skeptical of her at first, but doesn’t show her anger or react defensively so much as she keeps contributing to the group. She is also prone to merging into other people, falling prey to Dorian’s charms after a certain amount of time, and sleeping with him after he exposes her to blood. But she does not hesitate to “put him down” so that he must pay for his crimes, either.