Allan chooses the members of his League based on their skill-set, rather than personal opinion or even personal likes or dislikes (he happens to hate Skinner, but still sees his usefulness in invisibility and what an asset that can provide them when doing undercover work). He weighs people and their individual value on the basis of what they can “bring to the team.” Though initially skeptical of Mina’s value as a woman, once he sees that she can transform into a vampire and “look after herself,” he allows her to join his team. He is an exceptional sharpshooter who has honed his skills over decades, and is somewhat traditional in his belief system. When attempting to teach Tom Sawyer to shoot over long distances, he reminds him to move slower and learn incrementally, not rush things (high Si’s are not afraid to learn things piece by piece and become experts in them). He loved and honored his family and wants to be buried in Africa, where he has spent most of his life. Though initially uninterested in joining the team, Allan is persuaded to do so out of a love for England and the Empire. He feels a strong dislike for anyone who is not honorable.  

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Allan is direct, confrontational, and unruffled by problems. He shows no fear in the face of peril, but uses the environment around him to protect himself and then shoots down one of the people who blew up the hotel where he spends most of his time. He believes in enacting a firm version of “justice” against those who mistreat or abuse others, and makes a natural, albeit gruff, leader to the ragtag band of misfits he leads into peril for the sake of the Empire. When he finds Skinner sneaking around naked in the background listening to him without permission, he throws him out by the scruff of the neck and reminds him to “wear clothes around me.” His blunt way of articulating himself risks offending Mina, who takes his comments about her womanhood personally, but he respects the fact that she stands up to him. He has a generally unruffled manner and does not like to quarrel.