Nemo has created a submarine decades ahead of its official invention or usage, and devoted his entire life toward its completion as a perfect whole. He can be rather fussy about how it looks, as a result, and has filled it with luxuries and beauty that appeal to his sense of aesthetics. Though a cerebral man who quickly deducts things about Allan that he has not been told (about the nature of his soul and his love for his wife), Nemo is in no way physical and prefers not to react in the moment. He joined them out of a sense of duty and a desire to see great wrongs corrected, because he sees himself and his Nautilus as useful in helping them navigate the world. He wants to achieve their desired outcome (to finish off the murderous thugs threatening the Empire) and then return to his first love—the sea.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

He is a proud man who has worked hard to make his vision of the Nautilus a reality, and he can be a tad bit testy with those who fail to see its beauty, worth, and intrigue as he does. Purposeful, work-driven, and somewhat withdrawn from the others, Nemo has a sense of personal style and insists his creation carry many attractive qualities from his homeland and his explorations around the world. He appreciates fine things and likes to indulge in them, but can also be a little elitist and condescending at times toward those of lesser tastes. He can easily put his feelings aside to accomplish things, by continuing to do his personal best for the cause after they have lost team members.