Annie became a journalist hoping to change the world with her ideas and is quick to spit them out at meetings for the magazine that employs her. She often leaves her coworkers in the dust with her random connections (they aren’t quite sure what a man’s love for his wife has to do with cows in Michigan?). Idealistic and trusting of her insights, she sneaks off on a “work trip” to try and find out more about him and possibly meet him, then comes home and second-guesses having gone there in the first place. She can remember lots of details about her loved ones, but not much else. Annie is always forgetting things, half-finishing sentences, and making excuses about why she can’t recall this or that. But she also wants a sense of stability in her life, which is why she’s chosen to get married. When she accidentally tunes into a talk radio program about love, and the host tries to force Sam into talking about his wife, Annie reacts with disgust (“UNBELIEVABLE! That HORRIBLE WOMAN!”) because… she would hate for that to happen to her. To be pried open like an oyster and asked to bare her soul. But what he says impacts her and reaches into her heart. She does love the man she intends to marry, but part of her also cares about someone she has never met in person. So she tries to find logical ways to figure out who he is (searching for him in a database, ruling out unlikely individuals who share his name, getting his address, and even following him to the pier hoping to introduce herself). She talks her boss into letting her travel by both admitting the truth and coming up with a legitimate excuse for wanting to do a “personal interview” (her excuse to her boyfriend). Ultimately, though Annie cares about her boyfriend’s feelings… she does what she thinks is best for her, and what she feels like she should do.

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/so

Annie hears a voice on the phone who is hurting and, like so many other women across America, wants to help and fix him through healing him through love. She develops stalker-like tendencies in her attempt to track him down as an obsession and a need to help him. In a sense, he needs her more than her current fiancé does, and she feels drawn away toward him, but all the time she is fighting her sense of moral right and wrong, her desire not to lie to her fiancé and to remain faithful to him. She writes him a soulful letter then decides not to mail it. She travels there to see him and talk to him, then decides to leave before she can do so. Her emotions make all her decisions, and drive her to the top of the Empire State Building to form a connection.