Nick has an incredible sense of intuition than can spit out Judy’s entire back story based on only a few factors in her life – she came from the sticks with grandiose dreams of being a cop, only to get stuck as a Meter Maid, and after a short stint in Zootopia, will return to being a carrot farmer. And… she does. For a little while. He is witty and intellectual in getting out of trouble, using his smarts to come up with excuses and cover his bases (he has a permit, and it’s “red wood” with a space in-between it; “wood that is red”). He relies on sarcasm and insults most of the time to get ahead, but his carelessness gets him into trouble with Mr. Big. Though not detail-driven, he runs the same hustles in town and expects the same results. He has a lot of residual trauma from his childhood that has shaped and warped his view of people, and caused him to think it’s all right to take advantage of them. But when he sees Judy being mistreated for being a bunny, in the same way he was mistreated as a boy, he steps up to defend her. His ability to scheme gets him in trouble, but also earns him big bucks. Nick is a fast thinker, who takes in the logical problems of Judy’s political statements quickly, and draws conclusions about them. He often does not react or share what is on his mind. He also doesn’t seem to care who his money making schemes “rip off.” He enjoys getting a rise out of Judy – by taking her to the “nudist” palace (hoping it will get her to give up the case), then by telling jokes at the DMV to Flash – but when it comes right down to it, Nick wants to fit in. As a child, he desperately craved being part of a scout group, and was devastated by their rejection of him “as a predator.” He decided that, if others are going to see him as a stereotypical fox, he will be one – but Judy’s belief in him helps him grow out of that dark place, and fulfill greater potential (as a cop). He also calls her out on judging an entire group of people by the actions of a few, but forgives her when she cries and apologizes.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Nick is a good-natured, irresponsible, happy-go-lucky fox, who can talk his way out of almost everything, for whom nothing is his fault, and who admires “smarts.” He has no ties and no responsibilities until Judy gives him the idea of being a cop. He enjoys being funny and messing with people, but is also running away from the pains of his past when he was not wanted by the prey in his Boy Scout Troup and got mistreated and muzzled by them for being a “predator.” Though arrogant and convinced he’s above getting caught, Nick also shows increasing concern for his personal safety as Judy puts the pressure on him about his tax evasion. He mildly agrees to help her, and has a way of being likable and charming to diffuse other people’s anger at him. He’s cautious in a lot of situations and doesn’t want to risk his life (or hers) to find out the truth.