Bridget both over-thinks, and under-thinks everything. She constantly considers her life, her romances, her eating choices, what she ought to do, whether her mother is having an affair, the motives of her lovers, and her boss. But at the same time, she leaps on every opportunity and idea that comes along – forgetting to test it, mine it for details, learn from her previous mistakes, or consider how some of these things (like being sexually involved with her boss and trading innuendos at work) might impact her future career. Bridget tends to comfort-eat whenever she’s depressed or humiliated, and focuses on micromanaging the details of her weight loss (or lack thereof) (inferior Si). Bridget does whatever she feels like doing, whenever she feels like it. She confides only in her friends and finds it hard to mask anything. What she’s feeling, shows. She is sensitive and emotional, wanting to be liked and do the right thing, but also can be blunt and assertive. She often stumbles over her words, digging herself deeper and deeper into linguistic holes in an attempt to be flirtatious or funny – then goes home and berates herself for coming across so badly in public.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/sx

Bridget is a true free spirit, with a short attention span, not a lot of commitment to following through, and an idealistic desire to better herself that she cannot quite get a handle on. She focuses on monitoring her weight, in an attempt to lose ten or fifteen pounds, but her 7-nature causes her to be self-indulgent, so she constantly substitutes things for other things, in her desire to avoid feeling down – food for exercise, sex for food. Her 6 wing needs to confide in her friends, and have a sense of stability and security, but her 7 desire for new excitement and partners often overrides her 6 desire to stay safe.