She is warm, approachable, and considerate of others. She easily makes friends and likes to talk to the kids who come in to purchase ice cream at her job. Stormy takes one little gir’s ice cream, sits down in the chair next to her, and says maybe she should eat it while the girl reads; they laugh together and she gives it back. When Odd needs her to provide a distraction from his powers to a skeptical local cop, she chats him up, charms him, and asks questions about what his tattoos mean. She comes up with a cover story that conceals Odd’s powers (a guy got weird with us, he tried to hit on me and wouldn’t stop when Odd told him to). Though kind and helpful in her desire to be supportive to her boyfriend, Stormy will also remind him to look after his own self at times, warning him that maybe this is the case he should back off on, and while she respects his need to help perfect strangers, she doesn’t want him to get killed doing it. She knows his skills are more useful if he can keep doing them, by being alive. Stormy is a down-to-earth girl who is quite happy working at a local ice cream parlor (and being its manager) and dating the boy she has known since childhood, Odd. A fortune teller machine told them they were soul mates and would be together forever, a fact that she likes to remind him of with a twinkle in her eye. She likes to gather the facts and details more than Odd does, and doesn’t approve of his reckless behavior (chasing down murderers, breaking into sinister houses, finding severed body parts in freezers). Nor does she much speculate on what is happening around them; Stormy would rather deal with things as they happen and takes most people at face value. She trusts Odd’s perception of things even though she cannot see them because he has proven to her in the past that he does see these creatures and dead people, and wants to help them.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

She has a witty sense of humor and is always cracking jokes—about the stupid uniforms at her job, or their future life together, or she is coming up with a silly nickname for her boyfriend. But the bottom line is, Stormy is not a risk taker and wishes he would take fewer of them. She often tells him to get out of somewhere dangerous and begs him not to be an idiot about it. Since she lacks his sensory skills, she trusts him to get her out of danger but doesn’t want to leave him behind, either. She urges caution in all of their conversations. But she’s also a responsible employee, hard-working, and supportive, showing up whenever he needs her out of loyalty and a desire to help him.