Captain Love has no trouble going along with Montego’s plans, which includes using human beings for unpaid labor in the mines and then getting rid of the evidence by blowing the place to hell. He has an eerie fascination with death that enables him to preserve body parts in liquid in his office, as much to study them and take pride in his achievements as to unnerve visitors. He quickly figures things out, sensing that Alejandro is not all he seems to be and from that, testing and then concluding that he is a criminal. He can be quite defensive, showing anger at Montero for accusing him of being a poor leader of the army. Love provokes people to get a reaction out of them, deliberately leading Alejandro into an uncomfortable situation to see if he will break and reveal his true emotions. He is quite physical and aggressive, even opportunistic—choosing to kill Alejandro’s brother himself and then beheading him and taking his head back for preservation. He is quick to leap forward and shoot a man to death who threatens Montero’s life. He’s a competent swordsman, unafraid to do battle amid a burning mine, or to follow Zorro onto precarious battlegrounds. He tries to shoot Diego when the man’s focus flickers for a second. Love challenges the masked man in the manor, and quickly notices that the map is missing from among his papers. His tert-Ni senses that Alejandro’s compassion for a prisoner suggests an affinity between them, which leads him to accurately suppose his true identity.

Enneagram:  5w6 sp/so

Love is analytical and suspicious of other people, their motives, and their behavior. He tests them to determine if his hunches about them are right, but also has total confidence in his ability to read people. He is almost callous in his beliefs about human beings, choosing to see them from a place of total detachment. His fear that a bandit might be in the confessional causes him to shoot into it, despite the fact that he might just have killed a man in front of the woman whose love he hopes to obtain. Loyal to Montero, he takes orders easily from him, but is far less accepting of other people and more proactive in protecting himself, his boss, and Elena from unknown threats.