Alejandro is opportunistic from childhood, when he encourages his brother to shove a statue down on some guards taking aim at Zorro. He improvises quickly and has a fearlessness of danger, which means he has no problem robbing payment coaches, breaking into a heavily guarded garrison to steal a horse (he winds up blowing the entire barracks apart), hiding out in a confessional and slipping away through the roof (after flirting with a gorgeous woman), sneaking into Montero’s house and stealing the map, and finally dealing with his mortal enemy in the midst of a burning mine. He is highly impatient and wants to do things now, which frustrates Diego.  He can think his way out of any situation, using logic; it’s instantaneous, and keeps him alive in the midst of his reckless behaviors (his entire fighting sequence in the barracks shows quick observation of the environment, utilization of the environment, and logical problem solving – Se/Ti together). He’s quick witted, and often able to come up with creative solutions to his problems (seeing Montero leaving the table without him, he invites Elena to dance, knowing her father will not fail to notice and come down to speak with them). He has an extraordinarily quick wit and can recover from his mistakes quickly. His temper is on a short fuse and he loses it often. He struggles to control his repulsion when he sees awful things happening to people, and his frank assessment of Captain Love has an objective note to it (“You are a very sick person”). Alejandro is not afraid to talk about his feelings about his brother, or how it felt to be in the presence of the man who murdered him. He reads Montero’s emotions and appeals to them through flattery (his many remarks about Elena and how she takes after her father). He flirts with Elena and easily wins her over through natural charm, and he berates himself for not having the greater good in mind (remarking that there are people who need him desperately, but he cannot stop thinking about his own pain). Only gradually does Alejandro begin to see the big picture, and come to embrace a vision of his future that includes heroism and self sacrifice. He has a good instinct for reading other people and sensing what makes them tick, but tends to fly more by the seat of his pants.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

When in a healthy place, Alejandro is charming, good-natured, funny, and likes to entertain himself and other people through witticisms and sarcasm. He often says clever things intended to make people laugh, and does not want to dwell on the pain of his brother’s loss, so much as he wants to seek vengeance for it. He has lived an irresponsible life of hedonism, recklessness, and opportunism, and finds it aggravating that he must slow down, learn things at a studied pace, and “wait.” He playfully fights with Elena in the stable and amuses himself, by defeating her, disarming her, and disrobing her. His 8 wing shows up in his aggression, his pure manifestations of rage (he is hot-tempered and often wants to go off half-corked), and his temperamental nature – but also in his absolute rage at the injustice of seeing so many beaten, abused, and imprisoned to foster one man’s greed. It gives him the anger he needs to liberate them all and explode the mine, as he works for something greater than his own personal revenge.