Gretchen thinks in terms of “we” dynamics—doing the right thing for all women everywhere, uniting them in a common goal, and finding ways to help them overcome difficulties in the workplace. She makes the most of her weak afternoon time slot, by encouraging women to rebel against common sexist beauty standards and go “without makeup” together. She tries to be polite even when others are rude to her (in a supermarket, a woman trash-talks her to her face, and she tells her “I hope that made you feel better” and grumbles about bad manners). When Kayla expresses her wish to move to a different program because it offers her more job opportunities, Gretchen urges her to stay on “where I can protect you.” She’s emboldened when others join her lawsuit against the head of Fox News for sexual harassment, both because it means they can win and because it shows unity against a common threat. She turns up to the lawyer’s office with tons of documentation and tapes to prove her case – meticulous records of incidents—whatever people said or did to her, which she has gathered as evidence to convict them of sexual harassment and exploitation. She’s willing to stick with her job in order to collect even more evidence, and once they release her, goes ahead and files her lawsuit against the studio head. Gretchen’s own personal experiences with people make her aware of their tactics and games, and determined to stop them; she doesn’t want Kayla to suffer the same kinds of mistreatment.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

When her lawyers warn her that the news will vilify her, and people will hate her for doing this, Gretchen shrugs and says she’s fine with that; she can take it. She doesn’t mind being hated, in order to get the thing done that she feels is right. She boldly takes on the most powerful man in media and “takes him down,” paving the way for others (like Megyan Kelly) to fall in line with similar allegations. Gretchen handles harassment, people yelling at her in public, and widespread resentment with relative ease, but doesn’t go out of her way to pick fights or respond to negativity.