Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Kayla knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go against other people to do it – she turns down Gretchen’s desire to “protect her” to join a different program and work for another boss, because it’s her stepping stone toward “bigger and better things.” After her abuse, once she finds out Megyn endured similar sexual harassment years earlier, she demands to know why the news anchor didn’t think about the future girls who would have to endure similar humiliation. “You know me,” she says right when we get to know her, “I learn by doing.” She isn’t content to sit around and wait for potential fame to come to her, but intends to climb the ladder herself by applying for a bigger and better job where she can get noticed. Kayla gets drunk and falls into bed with a coworker. She’s shocked to find out her one night stand is a “liberal” working at Fox. She started out as a “weather girl” in her home town, and came to New York hoping for her big break. She can be somewhat impulsive, but also knows the future she wants for herself and is trying to make it happen as quick as she can. She internalizes what happened and even though made uncomfortable by it to the point where she feels “dirty,” she struggles to articulate it or express it fully to other people. Kayla eventually quits her job and throws away her badge on her way out the door, to express her disgust with the workplace and her lack of a desire to continue working there, even though they have replaced the studio head.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Kayla is cautious above all; she doesn’t know how her coworker dares having a poster of Hillary Clinton in her kitchen, in case anyone sees it. She urges her to hide the photo of herself and her girlfriend from college in a desk drawer, in case anyone suspects she’s a lesbian and gives her a hard time for it. Though traumatized by her sexual harassment, Kayla doesn’t want to open up about it or tell anyone; when she finally decides to call the law firm bringing charges against him, she phones up her friend / one time girlfriend to “ask permission” and hear that it’s the right thing to do. She doesn’t seem to trust herself in that way, and only wants and needs outside affirmation and support. She too is looking for loyalty and a place where she feels safe, and tries to ignore and downplay what happened to some extent, rather than being honest about it with herself.