Though a very straightforward woman in all her hard-hitting questions to the presidential candidates, Megyn thinks of everything in terms of how it can impact her ratings, her financial standing, her job, and the bottom line of her power base. She knows all the “rules” and abides by them, such as when she tells her husband not to rush outside to stop a photographer, since he cannot sell photos of them inside their house. Though she had to deal with sexism and inappropriate comments to get as high in the hierarchy as she did, she simply dismissed and ignore it, realizing that if she wanted to “get ahead” at the network, she would need to endure it. Megyn cares a great deal about her husband and her kids, and doesn’t mind taking “heat” so long as the journalists do not hound her family. She endures a surprising amount of abuse in the public eye, but manages to stay above it, because she knows in her soul that what she did was right. When Kayla confronts her about not having spoken up about her sexual harassment at work, Kayla asks, “Did you ever think about what it would mean for the rest of us?” and Megyn remains silent, implying that she internalized it so much, she didn’t think of whom else it might happen to, because of her silence. She studied to become a lawyer and was about to get accepted into a prestigious law firm, before she got an entry-level job at Fox News. She puts that detailed mentality to her journalist career, assembling hundreds of facts to support her claims against people, through detailed reports. She is a family woman, a traditionalist in some ways, and at first turns a blind eye to what is happening because “it’s normal.” She points out that though Fox News has an abuse hotline, the powers that be are allowed to monitor and record all their calls and is angry that anyone thinks women are “that stupid” (to call and report the higher ups to the higher ups). Megyn can be a little short-sighted, however; she doesn’t think she might have been poisoned by her driver until someone else points it out as a possibility. She isn’t sure how any of this is going to turn out. And at one point, she says “of the many ways this could end, I didn’t see this coming,” implying an openness of intuitive perception (Ne).

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Megyn is hard-working and ambitious and willing to tolerate more than she should, to get ahead in her career. She can play rough and tumble with the boys or put on heels and a skirt to appeal to the network heads. But above all, she maintains her cool, doesn’t let things get to her, and tries to “look good” through everything she does. She remains silent about the many nasty things said about her, to maintain her public persona of being chill; she endures a tense interview with Trump in which others say she was too “permissive and forgiving,” though she argues she did not let him off the hook. Megyn isn’t quite sure how to handle her feelings much of the time, and often puts them aside rather than directly assess them on an emotional level. Saving them for later, so they won’t interfere with her job.