Sister Clodagh arrives on the mountaintop with a strong sense of ‘how things should be,’ as based on the standards set by her Order. She is confident in her leadership skills because she has excelled in everything they have put her to, and she doesn’t want to go against anything that is traditional. When Mr. Dean brings her plans for a different sort of Chapel, she points out how the Order has a specific set of plans it always uses with no variations, no matter how inconvenient it is for the terrain. She argues that the new chapel plans look too much like a temple (a pagan institution) and not religious enough. The more she sinks into the mountain air and the view, the more she remembers and punishes herself for forbidden pleasures in the past. Though she impulsively joined the order to avoid becoming another sad statistic (used and seduced by a man who had no intention of marrying her), Sister Clodagh is quite content to remain with the decision she made, within the Order, and will not leave it for Mr. Dean. She watches Sister Ruth change under the influences of the house, chalks up her intuitive perceptions to delusions, and has a persistent sense that “something bad may happen” if they do not send her away. She comes across as stern at first, and can be cold and withdrawn, focused on what is practical and efficient. She agrees with another Sister that they should provide for themselves come the winter, and charges her with planting winter vegetables on the terrace. She is upset to learn the woman changed her mind and went with beautiful flowers instead, since she finds that impractical – they cannot afford to waste the land and not bring in extra food. But she then turns around and decides later that beauty matters too, especially in God’s eyes, and tries to find a compromise the other woman can live with (choosing less expensive flowers, to avoid stretching their budget). Though quite private about her feelings, she does care genuinely for her Sisters and wants to help the locals, but also has no interest in catering to them or putting up with “hysterics.”

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sx

Sister Clodagh has the sin of pride, in herself and her natural ability to lead, confidence in her decisions, and a genuine desire to be admired and useful. She constantly fights against her own base nature, and is severe with herself for any mistakes, though it is hard for her to be humble enough to apologize – she would rather avoid Mr. Dean for weeks and try to fix things herself than admit she was wrong. She scourges her own flesh as punishment for her sinful thoughts, and expects all her sisters to behave appropriately. At first, Mr. Dean finds her buttoned up and severe, but as time goes on she becomes softer and develops her 2 wing more. She cares for people, comforts them, forgives their mistakes, and stands up for them against injustices. She does not want to see a girl punished for falling in love with a man above her caste.