Minho figures things out as he does them and is able to internally map out and then lay out an actual map for the Gladers of the Maze interior. He focuses on understanding every inch of it, in his hope that one day they can solve the reason for why they are here and do something about it. When captured by Wicked, he is almost constantly looking for ways to escape. He is logical, like most of the boys, and willing to do what is necessary to keep them all safe, even if that means pushing an infected boy into the Maze rather than deal with him in the Glade. His thinking takes time, which means he will often ask Thomas (higher Se) if he has any ideas of “what to do.” His talent for staying alive means he’s able to survive a night in the Maze and map every inch of it. Minho is one of their top Runners, and is talented at adapting to his environment. When Cranks threaten his friends, he’s quick to kick them through and off balconies, shoot at them, break through doors to escape, and take risks that pay off. He’s willing to leap out of a broken window to almost certain death in an escape attempt. Minho sometimes trusts his flashes of intuition, trusting Thomas right away and showing him all the information they gathered about the Maze, in a sense that “things are now changing.” He agrees that they cannot stay there forever and must now explore Zone 7, where the Grievers originated. Mostly a stoic and withdrawn boy, Minho does become more emotionally reactive under stress. He has a general mindset of doing what is best for all, rather than himself.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Minho has fallen into a secure routine of exploring the Maze every day rather than looking for active ways to escape, a sort of surrender to their situation and a seeking of comforts in normality, but Thomas’ arrival and discoveries soon wake him up out of his stupor. Minho can often become motivated to act out of anger—he can be aggressive, impulsive, and confrontational. He tends to see things in a black and white way; when Teresa tries to convince him that his giving of blood is for the greater good and may save a girl’s life, Minho screams at her that she is a traitor to all of them and tries to attack her.