Even though he was not the first person to arrive in the maze, Gally seeks to maintain order in the Glade through establishing rules of conduct and behavior, and will take charge if he thinks people are out of line. Thomas’ constant questioning and breaking of the rules annoys him and causes him to melt out punishments that fit the infractions. After his infection from a “sting” and then near death, he’s taken in by a group who nurses him back to health… and Gally resumes his former responsibilities but in a new capacity, as someone who works on their behalf as a leader. He is blunt, factual, and articulate, often able to point out the irrational behavior of others and judge it from a place of wry humor (“you are all insane”). When his friends need rescued, while wearing a mask and enemy uniform, Gally infiltrates their ranks and then turns on them to save their lives. Though at first seemingly unlikable, he also does not hold grudges. After Minho references having put a spear through his chest, Gally shrugs it off as no big deal. He is practical, down to earth, trust what has worked before, and tries to maintain a sense of order in his environment. Gally draws a lot from previous experiences, and is suspicious of Thomas because he does not fit the “usual pattern.” He arrived on a different day of the week and starts remembering his memories sooner than most of them. The rise of Griever attacks so soon after Thomas’ arrival cause him to speculate that the two are connected. In a new place, given the freedom to choose a different way of life, Gally goes back to what he knew and did before—act like a leader and keep other people safe. He struggles at times to see the bigger picture, but is quick to notice changes in his environment and link them to Thomas (“they have upped their security… no doubt because you are here”). He is normally convicted and objective, but his fear and anger causes him to become irrational. He initially thinks that he is doing what is right for the Glade by foiling Thomas, but eventually realizes their problems are bigger than the Maze.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Gally is distrustful of others. The minute Thomas arrives among them, Gally has become suspicious and often accuses him (accurately, as it turns out) of working for the people in charge, because he notices how everything has “changed” since Thomas’ arrival. Things are no longer predictable and safe. The Maze has started behaving differently. Thomas is taking too many risks, breaking too many rules, and worst of all, inspiring other kids to believe in and follow him, which could get them all killed. Gally doesn’t want that to happen, so he takes an antagonistic stance toward him intended to keep him in line. In his later appearance, he has joined a group that helps him feel safe, but also taken up a leadership position. He is more amiable and forgiving, because he feels safer. Gally helps them break into the city and take down Wicked, but does so in a way that ensures they aren’t caught by the authorities.