Newt is practical, grounded, sensible, and cautious. He makes himself useful in the Glade through gardening and looking out for their future needs as a community, and has not spent much time speculating on the meaning of their existence, why the Maze is there, or what they can do to change things. When Thomas starts coming up with possible escape routes, Newt patiently shoots down every one (“whatever you can think of, believe me, we have already tried it”). A patient and trustworthy guy, once he sees how Thomas rushes into the Maze to save Alby and Minho and then survives the night, Newt decides they should simply make him a “runner” rather than keep punishing him for his disobedience of the rules. He has a mindset of community and self-sacrifice, that they should all do what is best for the collective rather than focus on individuality. Newt is good at soothing people’s tempers, finding reasonable compromises between Gally and Thomas, and promoting acceptance and forgiveness among his friends. Upon finding out he is not immune to the Flare, Newt cares more about Thomas losing sight of freeing Minho than his own condition (he doesn’t care about himself anymore). Newt prefers to gather all information before reaching a decision, unlike the more impulsive other Gladers. He asks lots of questions to better clarify his understanding. He will absorb all viewpoints and possibilities before making a suggestion himself at the Council meetings. His trust in Thomas and devotion to him is born of seeing Thomas time and again come to the aid of his friends and prove himself smart and capable.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Newt is more level-headed than most of his friends. He wants to stop and think before they do things and come up with a foolproof plan. Newt does not like to take risks and will often warn other people that it is not safe. He doesn’t want to travel down a darkened, abandoned tunnel any more than the rest of them, but will go along with it, provided they are ready to fight off the Cranks. He wavers between pessimism and acceptance and an attitude of “it will be all right.” He tells Thomas not to worry about things, while being cautious himself. He feels safest in a group of friends and is willing to sacrifice his own last few days to rescue Minho. Newt is sweet, generous, friendly, warm, and welcoming to Thomas right from the start. He often copes with new and frightening situations through his sense of humor.