Prior to being thrown into the maze, Teresa was a biochemist and researcher with the Wicked laboratory, focused on finding a cure. She still concerns herself with these things, as she begins to recover her memories (she seems able to break through the mental blocks and latch onto them better and more clearly than her companions). She has an instinctual trust of Thomas, but is also willing to sacrifice him and the others for her eventual goal – she believes their blood holds the cure, and that for the “greater good of humanity” they need to be sacrificed. The instant Thomas tells her that Brenda has not had a relapse of her illness in months, Teresa suspects his blood is the cure—but tests some of it to make sure before she calls him back to the compound. Though forced to act in the moment under the tremendous pressure of a high-action environment, Teresa is not naturally gifted in paying attention to the outer world and cannot react fast enough on the roof to save herself. She has a sense of “we” and obligation to the greater society that drives her – she believes they should sacrifice individuality and individual rights to save the human race, which enables her to betray her friends for the greater cause. Teresa is not above siding with them, however, and she helps them break into Wicked and then escape to find Newt. She plays both sides, listening to and pretending to agree with Janson while secretly helping her friends behind the scenes. Rather than simply act, Teresa likes to mull things over internally, follow up her hunches with collaborative proof, and then appeal to other people on an emotional level. She tells Thomas his blood could cure Newt “and a lot of other people.”

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Teresa believes in self-sacrifice for the greater good, and holds herself to a high standard of excellence. She over-worked at the lab, devoting all her time to finding a cure that can help people. She relies on her gut and trusts her conclusions to be correct, even when it separates her from the people she loves (she apologizes to Thomas for her betrayal, but justifies it as being necessary). It pains her to see Minho mistreated in the lab, and she tries to convince him of the moral good he is doing. She will help people at the first opportunity, and clings to a sense of strong idealism that doesn’t like to face the unpleasant aspects of what they are doing.