Jane is a highly social woman, very aware of what is and what is not appropriate in any given group, warm and outreaching to the community, and deeply interested in the problems of those around her. She takes a genuine interest in her family, friends, and neighbors, and her “snoopy” nature also allows her to dig into their personal lives, sense unspoken communications and relationships between them (the secrets and affairs they are trying to hide), and from there, draw conclusions about their level of involvement in whatever crime she is currently investigating. Her overall appearance of a busybody prevents other people, especially suspects, from taking her too seriously or seeing her as a threat, allowing her to do her detective work largely unnoticed and somewhat ignored. Above all, Jane declares, the case has to make sense and be proven in some way by irrefutable facts and evidence. She meticulously gathers information and from there, speculates on what it might mean, but often does so only when she has gathered sufficient evidence to prove her case. Jane listens to other people and their hypothesis and sometimes operates off it, but prefers to do a bit of sleuthing on her own. She is good at recognizing details and remembering them, so later she can use them in her final explanation as to what it all means. She will connect things in a practical way, through observation and action (noticing someone’s erratic or suspicious behavior, returning to the scene later, and at times, figuring out what they were doing there and how they did it). When not solving mysteries, she is quite content to live in her charming little hamlet, attend Church, and tend her garden.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Jane has an almost universally tolerant disposition. She is mild-mannered and engaging, good-natured (and a little bit mischievous), and while she holds herself to certain standards, she isn’t above bending the rules a little bit, and hardly ever passes severe judgment on anyone. Instead, she listens to them in genuine kindness and with a forgiving nature and shows true remorse at their selfish or immoral behaviors. She doesn’t much mind the negative things various policemen say about her, but continues to go on about her business, unruffled and unconcerned by their disapproval.