Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Thomas is impulsive and opportunistic, often the first person to throw himself into danger, to dive headfirst through a door, toss a chair through a window, leap twenty stories into a swimming pool (when his friends ask him if he has any ideas, he says, “Yes, but you won’t like it”), climb on the back of a speeding train, toss a grenade into a firestorm, put a gun to someone’s head and hold them hostage, or throw himself toward a sheer drop to haul up a friend before she splatters on the rocks below. His aggression in tackling the maze soon translates into natural leadership in the world outside it, as the others look to him to improvise in the moment and get them out of tough spots. He tells a friend that he feels like he has to save everyone, to redeem himself from his previous involvement with Wicked and his role in strengthening them to harvest their blood for a cure. He rebelled against the organization on moral terms and refuses to consider returning until he discovers his blood could cure a great many people. He forges strong emotional bonds, which influence all his major decisions; Thomas refuses to leave others behind even when ESTP Brenda tells him the wiser (more rational) decision would be to cut and run. He has intense feelings for Teresa but never wants to discuss them and chokes when Newt demands the truth from him (“You were in love with her, weren’t you?”). Thomas finds it hard to hold grudges, and continues to love his friends even after they betray him; he cannot find it in himself to kill someone in cold blood, when given the chance. The others look to him for moral leadership and guidance, and above all, a PLAN. He always has one, he can come up with it fast, and it’s usually of the “break down the door and get people the hell out of here” variety. His tendency to react in the moment often means he misses subtle smaller signs that something is about to happen in a negative sense (he does not anticipate Teresa’s betrayal, or Newt’s illness until his behavior becomes more withdrawn; he gives no thought to why Brenda has become cured from his blood, but others who have not used his blood have not). This all ties in to his inferior Ni, which sometimes misjudges situations while having a positive ‘feeling’ that ‘everything will be fine,’ with or without a solid plan in place. Thomas occasionally has a strong insight (“we can no longer stay here; everything has changed”).

Enneagram: cp6w7 so/sx

Thomas arrives in the Glade and instantly starts asking questions and being skeptical of the answers other people provide him. He would rather find out something for himself and test a theory than trust other people to be telling him the truth. Caught in-between fear and aggression, Thomas will hesitate momentarily before he plunges into action to save his friends, enter the Maze, explore the unknown, or lead a group out of danger. He tests and doubts authority and refuses to trust the people in charge. His tendency to rush in without thinking means he sometimes takes large risks, but they often pay off. Thomas is also group-oriented, with a mindset of leaving no man behind. He won’t allow Newt to lag behind or die on his watch, which causes them to get into a fight when Newt changes due to his illness. Thomas tests and challenges Gally for a leadership position. He has suspicions about them not being safe in the new compound, and sneaks out at night to gather information that can convince his friends. He wants to keep on the move, but is also warm, friendly, relatable, compassionate, good-natured, and willing to take risks.