Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Amanda is, by her own admission, “reckless.” She has totaled three cars in five years with her reckless driving. She is highly impulsive and lives primarily in the moment on the island, for the good (she is quick to scramble up trees and save herself) and for the bad (she also is oblivious to the danger and runs around the island screaming her son’s name). She saw no problem with allowing a family friend to take their son parasailing around an island infested with dinosaurs, even though the operation was illegal—as is their plane landing on the island. She evaluates things on a surface level, such as when she believes someone is alive and that they should help him and scrambles to do so—only to find out it’s a trap set by the Raptors to lure them out of the trees. Her emotions govern all her decisions and in this way, Amanda is not the brightest of the group. She cares so much about her son’s safety, in a strong feeling that “he is still alive” (despite the odds being against him—two months alone on an island full of man-eating dinosaurs?), she endangers them all through not listening to Dr. Grant or being realistic about the situation. She’s quite private about her feelings, and finds it awkward to compliment her husband or talk about what broke them up. Amanda is sympathetic and compassionate toward those who get eaten, and wants to help and save them if she can. But she also doesn’t want to leave the island without her son.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

“I’m going to leave you for just a minute… but I am right here.” Amanda forgets that her son has made it this far alone and doesn’t “need her,” because she assumed he did! He needs his mother to save him… he needs his mother to deceive people on his behalf… She feels a maternal instinct toward her husband and warms up to him in their enforced time together, despite their divorce and the reasons for their fall-out. She is highly emotional, easily prone to hysterical reactions, and doesn’t use her head so much as she trusts her heart – she “just knows” her son is alive (and she’s right). She can be dramatic and reactive, but also action-motivated in how quick she is to leap into danger to save her boy and try to help others.