Billy is an adventurous opportunist, who uses the stuffed parachute in his backpack to parasail to a nest and save Eric from becoming lunch for a bunch of hungry, vicious winged dinosaurs. But he’s also the fellow who sees a bunch of Raptor eggs and figures he can steal three of them to fund their dig, without thinking through the potential consequences of their decisions—causing the Raptors to chase them for miles across the island and threaten their lives numerous times to reclaim them. He thinks just far ahead into the future to see the plans he has for it, but not the danger involved in stealing from a mother’s nest. Taking the eggs are a rational way to fund their dig, even though it’s stealing from a corporation and probably illegal in fifty different ways. Billy is a quick problem solver, figuring out how to do things when doing them, but also has a warm and reassuring side that he uses to help train new people on the dig. He doesn’t want to face Alan’s disappointment or disapproval and feels crippled by his condemnation. He often seeks approval and reassurance from others, and is supportive in his desire to help Alan out of his financial hole.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Billy sees a chance to use the eggs to become rich and famous and takes it, with no thought for the morality involved or his personal safety; when Alan asks him why he did it, he said it was to be “helpful.” He is ambitious and driven, eager to please and for acclaim, and not always wise or scrupulous in how he gets things done, but is also hard-working, self-confident, and willing to risk his own life to make sure other people make it off the island alive, because being useful and helpful is how he contributes to the group.