Eric doesn’t get much screen time, but his basic survival on the island for 8 weeks on his own proves he could adapt to and figure out how to ‘hack’ the island to keep himself safe. He figured out how to get food, find safe shelter, keep away various dinosaurs, and get T-Rex pee to spread around his camp. He is glad to see his parents, but also amused at his mother’s emotional reaction to leaving him even for a short time, because what’s the big deal, Mom? I’ve made it this far! Though a warm-hearted boy and good-natured, he also doesn’t appear to have suffered any ill-effects from being on the island alone surrounded by dinosaurs and the occasional dead body for two months. He was eager and willing to go gliding with a family friend in a wild, dangerous place as a brand new experience. On the island, he quickly figured out that the biggest dinosaurs prowl closest to the ocean, through observing them and watching for behavior patterns. He figured out what scares off the little dinosaurs and how to camouflage himself. Eric is quick to react in an emergency and able to climb trees, dart over streams, swim his way to safety, and in all other ways survive where others might not.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Eric was eager for adventure and not immediately afraid, until things started to go wrong. Even left alone for a long period on the island, he has retained his sense of humor and enjoyment of life, but also is eager to get reunited with his family and return home. He has a warm but funny side to him, as he teases his mother about her possessiveness, and adapt to whatever comes his way.