Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Olive is a witty and extroverted communicator, who takes and runs with ideas—not only in deciding to embroider A’s on all her clothing once her reputation as the “school harlot” takes off, but also in her constant witty exchanges with her parents (they send zingers to each other, full of humor and insults, back and forth over every family meal), her hilarious commentary on her “life story” via her video blog to clear up her reputation, and her love of her English teacher. She is a girl full of ideas, who fills her room with all kinds of different things; indications of past and current hobbies. Olive tries out things just for fun (like playing the guitar) but isn’t all that active – she’d rather spend a weekend at home doing whatever catches her fancy than going camping (because that isn’t intellectually stimulating, especially not with her best friend’s nudist parents). She draws parallels between what she’s reading in class and what’s happening in her life. She is smart and curious about learning, so she actually reads the books she’s assigned rather than just watching the recent films. Olive is great a snappy, immediate comebacks and seeing the hypocrisy in others. Her mother remarks on how “smart” she is. She doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings, so she seeks creative ways to get out of helping them or going camping with them. Olive seems largely unexpected by the nasty rumors flying around about her, until the emotions of the people around her rub off on her, and she starts believing them about herself. Olive is up front blunt but then softens when she feels other people’s pain and internal anguish; she even becomes “friends” with the worst girl at school after feeling sorry for her (it lasts all of twenty-four hours). She helps boys out not to earn money (although she does demand something in exchange) but kindness. Olive genuinely cares about how others see her, and also has a weakness for comforting them – even if she can’t stand their guts (her brief friendship with Marianne) – and taking a fall for them. Her greatest regret is hurting her favorite teacher’s marriage. Once in awhile, Olive thinks about the past – her first “faked kiss” with Todd, her childhood friendships, etc. She enjoys classic novels and things from the past (like the original movie of The Scarlet Letter), and these things come to mind when dealing with problems in her life.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Olive turns everything into a joke, even her totally destroyed reputation, by deciding to live up to it … in a fictional sense, anyway. She is witty and able to make everything hilarious, has a madcap sense of humor, and some wacky ideas, but is also over-tolerant of people misusing her (“You know,” she says to her best friend, “you call me ‘bitch’ a lot…”) and naïve about what guys want from her (she assumes one wants to pay her to lie about ‘what they did,’ not use her as an actual prostitute, OMG). She is witty, funny, and good-natured, but also responsible—her parents were far more reckless at her age, and Olive is quite proud of being someone who is responsible, a good student, and not someone about whom rumors fly—but she also decides to run with them, once they start circulating, to make a personal “statement.” Olive wants her parents to know beforehand that anything they might hear isn’t true; she is somewhat apologetic about insulting a girl in class and using a “very bad word,” because it’s not like her to make trouble in class.